Silvo pasture pork

Our Pork production protocols:

We do not do our own farrowing on farm. We buy feeder pigs in the spring.

Hog variety is not specified, we use the feeders we can get locally and they are any of the following breeds: Berkshires, Durocs, Gloucestershire Old Spots, Hampshire’s, Mule Foot, Red Wattle or crosses of any of these.

We provide our hogs with unlimited access to a Non-GMO corn and soy bean feed mix, with a very complete mineral package.

Our feed is mixed for us by Pine Creek, it is a premium feed that along with our silvo-pasture methods produces a superior product, we think you can taste the difference.

They are raised in approximately 1/2 acre paddocks, that are 75% forest and 25% pasture +/-

We move our hogs to new paddocks every 10 to 12 days to assure they have access new roots, shoot, bugs, etc

Frequent movement to clean new paddock greatly minimized parasite and disease risk and keeps the operation very clean.

Water is piped throughout our fields and is from the same well we drink from. Water is always available in a continuously suppled waterer

No growth stimulants or anti-biotics are ever used

The pastures our hogs graze on have not been farmed industrially in over 40 years so there are no herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides residue in them. None are ever used anywhere on our operation.

Our pigs are processed at local USDA processing plants, names can be seen on the sample packs

All smoked products are also processed in USDA certified and monitored smoking facilities

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