Free range eggs

Our egg production protocol:

Non-GMO, whole grain feed

No animal by products used in the feed

No plant by-products or other waste products in the feed

Antibiotics are never used

Cage free

Free range, execpt in winter, our birds can go out anytime if they want BUT they don’t like being in snow

If there is no snow on the ground the birds are out in the pastuer at tempertures as low as 20 degrees

Starting in May the birds will be on green pasture

The area where the hoop coop is, is surrounded by electro mesh fence to keep ground predators out.

Eggs are picked every day and are immedately storded in a walk in cooler

The eggs are washed and checked for cracks when we pack them

Our pastures are not certified organic due to cost and time of this process. However they have not been farmed in over 40 years, so they are as clean and pristine as you can find

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