Beef NY Strip Steak

Beef NY Strip Steak

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$22.00/lb. $19.80/lb. Avg. 1 lb.
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Our steaks are cut to be lean.  There are two per package each about .5 pounds

Our beef is 100% pasture finished, no grain is ever feed to our cows. 

No antibiotics, or growth hormones have been used on these cows. 


Also Known As: Ambassador Steak; Beef Loin, Strip Loin Steak, Bone In, Center-Cut; Club Steak; Country Club Steak; Delmonico Steak; Hotel Cut Steak; Kansas City Steak; Kansas City Strip Steak; New York Strip Steak; NY Strip Steak; Shell Steak; Strip Loin Steak; Top Loin Steak; Top Loin Steak, Bone-In 

Tender, lean and perfect for grilling.

Learn about where this steak is cut from and some cooking tips