1/8th Grass Finished beef value bundle

1/8th Grass Finished beef value bundle

$1.60/lb. savings
$10.60/lb. $9.00/lb. Avg. 40 lb.
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The best value!!

This is a very convenient and cost effective way to stock up on our grass finished beef.

Included in this selection are steaks for special occasions,  roasts for slow cooking and ground beef for quick meals.

This will have a total weight of 40 pounds and will take up about 2 cubic feet of freezer space.

2 Delmonico steaks 
2 Filet Mignon
2 Flat Iron steaks
2 NY Strip steaks
2 Rib Steaks
2 Chuck roasts
2 packs of Short ribs
2 Soup bones (shank slice)
1 Roast, Bolar, or Sirloin Tip
1 pack Beef Breakfast links
1 pack Round preformed burgers
Ground Beef 1 pound packs ( to make package 40 pounds)
2 packs Stew meat