Frequently Asked Questions

About the pasture-raised foods you can eat with confidence

Know Your Farmer. Know Your Food.

We're proud of the foods we can provide to your family - for the health it will bring you, the humane and ethical farming practices we employ, and the clean-eating, whole food movement we're supporting.

Do you Deliver?

At this time, we are not able to offer delivery of our product directly to our customers. We are happy to meet you at one of our convenient pick-up locations, or we invite you to visit the farm store to see Red House Ranch in action.

How do I place my order?

  1. Create an account and choose your preferred pickup location.
  2. Fill your cart with your desired RHR products
  3. Click “Check Out”
  4. Enter your contact information
  5. Select your payment method
  6. Confirm your order details, taking special care to note your pick up location, date, and time. Include any special instructions if applicable, especially regarding the preferred weight of packages.
  7. Click “Place Your Order”
  8. Review your pick up details once more, and be on the lookout for an email from us!

Why is the weight and charge of my order an estimate?

Because of the way we raise and process our products, exact weight measurements for the packages we deliver will vary slightly. However, we will always touch base with you via email to confirm the weight of the package we will bring you. We welcome you to specify your preferred package weight in the "Special Instructions" section of your order.

How is my meat raised and processed?

We have a deep appreciation and love for the animals that go on to fuel our bodies, so we raise our herds the way our grandparents would have and follow the most humane and ethical practices for harvesting that are available in the Southern Tier. Learn more about our philosophy here.

What is the difference between Red House Ranch products and the meat and eggs I can find at my grocery store?

We could go on for days about the benefits of eating grass fed, antibiotic free, non-GMO meat and eggs. The real food movement has shown proof of the benefits of eating un-messed-with food, and we did our own comparison between Red House Ranch and grocery store turkeys that highlights the vast difference in the way the birds are raised, processed, and the nutrition they provide to our bodies. Check out the research we've done on this subject to learn more about how you can improve your health with grass-fed meat and eggs!

Have more questions? Reach out to us!